Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Now for a post which I am sure is pretty common these days on the internet... the dreaded SOPA & PIPA.

With these 2 pieces of legislation, the US could effectively shut down the Internet as we know it! It's a sad day when the abuse of power and political corruption can endanger that which we hold dear. I'm sure I don't need to tell anyone here that if these bills pass it's essentially the end of this website because I'm sure someone, somewhere on here has posted some minute piece of copyrighted material which could lead to this entire domain being pulled down in an effort to 'stop' piracy. Which we all know it a joke!

Piracy isn't the problem these days, but rather it's the antiquated methods of content distribution that these media conglomerates insist on using, even though there are proven better and more efficient ways to reach customers without having to resort to outlandish prices and poorly thought out lobbying.

So I urge all US people reading this blog to take a stand against their unjust government and help stop the SOPA/PIPA, before it takes away what we all hold so dear!

[end rant]

There are numerous sites performing 'black-outs' so keep your eyes peeled for this and let your voice be heard!

Back to the infographs tomorrow!


  1. I'm not in the US but I really hope this doesn't pass, for the good of all of us.

  2. hope it doesn't pass :) following

  3. Amercians contact your Congressman! This has got to stop!

  4. There are numerous non-US sites doing it too. They have all my support and I wish them nothing but success. Stop this shit now.

  5. But I like my interwebs pirated and free. :(

  6. I doubt it will pass. If it doesnt you can bet your ass it will get a revision and submitted again soon.

  7. If it passes I'm moving to Siberia.